Setolic Product Sourcing Services

At Setolic, we excel in the manufacturing industry, guiding our clients’ products from conception to creation. Our wide range of services allows us to support every stage of your product’s development. From initial design, through prototyping to large-scale production, our collaboration scales along with you.

Experience the strength of a comprehensive manufacturing partnership and propel your business forward with Setolic.

Why Setolic Product Sourcing?

By selecting Setolic as your manufacturing partner, you enjoy the advantages of our specialised knowledge, streamlined project management, vast supplier network, and commitment to providing customised solutions. We understand the need to provide quality solutions that are suitable for the application and the need to deliver as promised. With our assistance, you can confidently traverse the manufacturing process and achieve success in bringing your product to market.

Worldwide Reach Local Expertise

Setolic is proud to work with an expansive global network of suppliers and manufacturers. We skilfully bridge international opportunities with your region-specific needs. Gain effortless access to a diverse range of products from around the world, enabling us to provide cost effective solutions. Our skilful negotiators are adept at securing the most competitive pricing, ensuring maximum profitability for your business. Utilise our expertise to optimise your procurement costs without compromising quality.

Quality Assured

Maintaining your brand’s reputation is vital. Setolic enforces rigorous quality control procedures, scrutinising suppliers and carrying out comprehensive product assessments. Have confidence that each product aligns with your unique specifications and industry standards.
Time-Saving Efficiency: Product sourcing can be time-consuming. Partnering with Setolic helps you devote essential time and resources to your core business operations while we handle the complex sourcing process on your behalf.

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Customised Solutions

We understand that each application calls for different requirements and we understand the intricacies of various industries. Our services are designed to accommodate your specific needs, product expectations, and budget constraints, ensuring a perfect fit for your business. Got a brilliant idea or an intricate product design in mind? It’s time to bring your vision to life with the perfect blend of your quality standards and our expertise. Our strong connections with numerous factories enable us to pinpoint tweaks that not only enhance the end product but also streamline production costs – all without compromising on quality.

Why Choose Setolic Over an In-house Procurement Department?

Thriving companies often contemplate whether to outsource sourcing services or establish an internal procurement division. Here’s why Setolic excels:

Expertise: Setolic contributes over 30 years of experience and a profound industry knowledge base. Our specialists are proficient in sourcing, negotiation and supply chain management, ensuring outstanding outcomes.
Cost Efficiency: Managing the various stages of manufacture entails substantial overhead expenses. Setolic delivers cost-effective solutions concentrating on maximizing your ROI.
Global Connections: Our international network grants access to a diverse range of suppliers, offering a wider scope of product choices compared to an in-house team.
Adaptability: Setolic seamlessly adapts to your evolving needs. Whether scaling up or down, we can swiftly adjust to your demands.

Embark on Your Journey with Setolic Today!
Don’t miss the chance to diversify your product selection, boost your profitability, and remain at the cutting edge of your industry. Reach out to Setolic today to uncover how our product-sourcing services can enable your flourishing business to soar even higher.

Complete Service

Your supply chain is the lifeline of your business, and that’s why our primary goal is to serve as a dependable supply chain support system for you. To achieve this, we provide a range of affordable services to tackle the challenges encountered by businesses of all sizes when procuring goods globally. Welcome to hassle-free sourcing, tailored for dynamic enterprises. Our versatile team is here to turn your grand vision into reality.

Design Assistance

In addition to the supply of our products, where required we can assist with design and development, including creating 3D models and 2D drawings of the assembly, allowing you to check fitment and design for manufacture before starting your project.

Product Knowledge

Our exceptional expertise in the electronics industry, coupled with an in-depth understanding of the products we offer allows us to guide you seamlessly through the process of finding the perfect solution for your needs. Give us a try, and discover how we can uncover the ideal fit for you!

About Us

Over the years, our team has amassed extensive experience in collaboratively working with in-house engineering groups, industrial designers, and entrepreneurs to design and develop a diverse array of products spanning multiple industries. These sectors range widely from communications, defence, medical devices, transit systems to marine products, presenting a plethora of unique and complex challenges. Although some obstacles appear daunting at first glance, our ability to effectively partner with factory engineers has been instrumental in devising innovative and smart solutions that have significantly impacted many of today’s popular and widely used products. Through this process, we continue to foster valuable partnerships with clients across various industries and endeavour to maintain a commitment to excellence in product development.

How can sourcing companies help manufacturers?

In today’s competitive business environment, manufacturers need to focus on their core competencies in order to succeed. One way to do this is by partnering with a reliable sourcing company to procure parts for their products. Here are some reasons why choosing a sourcing company can be beneficial for electronic manufacturers:

1. Cost savings: By outsourcing the procurement process, companies can save on costs associated with maintaining an in-house procurement team, such as salaries, benefits, and overhead expenses. In addition, sourcing companies often have well-established relationships with suppliers, enabling them to negotiate better prices on components.

2. Efficiency and speed: Sourcing companies have expertise in global procurement which allows them to quickly identify and work with the most suitable suppliers. This results in faster lead times for securing parts and allows manufacturers to reduce time-to-market for their products.

3. Quality assurance: To maintain a solid reputation, sourcing companies must adhere to strict quality control measures when selecting suppliers and components. By working with these companies, manufacturers can be assured that the procured parts will meet their technical requirements and quality standards.

4. Risk mitigation: A sourcing company often maintains a diverse supplier network, which allows them to source components from multiple vendors if needed. This helps mitigate risks associated with single supplier dependency and potential supply chain disruptions.

5. Access to new markets: Sourcing companies can provide manufacturers with access to new markets by identifying and partnering with local suppliers in various regions around the world. This can enable manufacturers to take advantage of lower production costs or develop region-specific products.

6. Expertise and support: Sourcing companies have extensive knowledge of the electronics industry, allowing them to provide expert guidance on part selection, component compatibility, regulatory compliance, and more. They also offer ongoing support after procurement is complete, ensuring that their clients’ needs are continually met.

In summary, partnering with a sourcing company for part procurement offers manufacturers several benefits including cost savings, increased efficiency, improved product quality, risk mitigation, and access to new markets. By leveraging the expertise and support of a sourcing company, electronic manufacturers can focus on what they do best – designing and producing innovative electronics.

Product Support

Under our products section, you will find drawings and information sheets with details on some of our range and the options available. Additionally, we can help with selection, design and where needed customisation. Still, have questions? Please email or call us on the contact details shown below.

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