Commercial Kitchen & Food Processing Equipment

Setolic Piezo switch touch metal technology is the perfect solution for food related equipment in the commercial kitchen & food processing industries. Not only do they implement freedom of design and functionality, but they’re highly resistant to a variety of external factors. For example: they can withstand high temperatures, excessive use and can be kept clean & sterile with great ease. In fact, the keypads and switches can be cleaned often and thoroughly without impeding their functionality or durability.

Useful applications:
  • Mincers & meat slicers
  • Bone saws, graters & peelers
  • Sausage filling machines
  • Strip cutting & tenderisers
  • Fish skinning & filleting equipment
  • Burger processors
  • All other food processing equipment

What are the advantages of using Setolic Piezo technology in the commercial kitchen and food processing industries?

  • There are no moving parts (making them highly reliant and resistant to breakage)
  • Performs well beyond all IP69K wash down requirements
  • Ease of installation
  • A solid unit without any nooks where germs can thrive
  • Cannot be accidentally activated (no matter what the weather)
  • Stainless steel grades 303, 304 & 306 available

Incredibly easy to use

piezo switches and buttons for commercial kitchens

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