At Setolic, we understand the need for choosing the right antiglare screen to enhance device readability in various lighting environments. Our expertise extends to assisting with EMI and RFI Optical Filters, as well as offering Contrast Enhancement Filters, Infrared Pass Filters, Transparent Conductive Products, Gaskets, and Adhesives. Our services encompass full screen printing, including UV.

As a leading supplier of specialist optical coatings, filters and materials, Setolic focuses on visual enhancement, protection, and electromagnetic screening for electronic displays of all types. Our filters improve display readability by increasing contrast and reducing reflections while providing protection and enhancing overall appearance. Additionally, we offer optical colour enhancement solutions and sensor filter technology.

Our exceptional approach to display filter technology is evident in our proven track record with handheld instrumentation and rugged displays across various applications such as marine, military, and medical environments.

Here are some details on the benefits and options for antiglare solutions:

An antiglare screen is a beneficial addition to electronic devices as it mitigates the impact of glare caused by sunlight or artificial light sources on the readability of the screen. This is achieved by minimising the reflection of light off the surface of the display, allowing users to see the content more clearly and comfortably, even in bright lighting conditions.

Anti-reflective screens are made using various materials such as polycarbonate, acrylic and Gorilla Glass. Polycarbonate is a lightweight and durable material that offers excellent impact resistance, making it suitable for devices prone to frequent handling. Acrylic, on the other hand, offers excellent optical clarity and scratch resistance. Gorilla Glass is an alkali-aluminosilicate glass known for its exceptional strength and damage resistance, ensuring a robust screen finish with minimal susceptibility to scratches.

There are several applications where antiglare lenses can be highly beneficial:
1. Marine industry: Anti-reflective screens make it easier for sailors and navigators to view charts and instruments in direct sunlight or under bright cabin lights.
2. Automotive sector: Glare-free displays in cars help drivers monitor vital information such as speed, navigation, and other control settings without struggling due to glare from sunlight or street lights.
3. Defence sector: Military personnel operating electronic devices in outdoor environments can benefit from clear visibility, reducing strain on their eyes and enhancing their situational awareness.
4. Transportation industry: Antiglare screens on public transportation like buses, trains, and trams make it easy for passengers to read timetables and other essential information in varying lighting conditions.
5. Car park meter equipment: Antiglare lenses provide improved legibility for car park meters situated outdoors where they are exposed to natural light throughout the day.

In conclusion, anti-reflective screens play a crucial role in enhancing user experience across various sectors by offering better visibility under challenging lighting conditions. With materials like polycarbonate, acrylic, and Gorilla Glass, these screens can be tailored to provide durability and performance depending on the requirements of the specific application.

Electronic Glass

Material Information

MaterialCompositionFeaturesThickness (mm)Applications
VISAR 01Polycarbonate6H scratch resistance
Good chemical resistance
Impact resistant
0.5 to 5.0Car park meters
Handheld Devices
Medical Equipment
VISAR 02AcrylicBetter scratch resistance
Good chemical resistance
0.5 to 8.0Industrial, Construction
Farming, Oil and Gas
Mining, Transportation
Automotive, Defence
Gorilla Glass 2320AluminosilicateBetter scratch resistance
Better impact resistance
0.4, 0.5, 0.7, 1.0, 1.1Industrial, Construction
Farming, Oil and Gas
Mining, Transportation
Medical, Defence
Float GlassSoda LimeWidely used


Competitive price

1.1, 1.8, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0Smart Home Devices
Hotel Automation
Handheld Devices
Medical Equipment
PandaAluminosilicateStrong0.4, 0.5, 0.7, 1.1, 2.0Industrial



Surface Treatments

AGAnti-glareReduce glare or light reflection
Chemically etched
Will not wear off
Devices used outdoors
Medical equipment
AFAnti-fingerprintEasily remove fingerprints
Easy to keep surface clean
Water contact angle>105°
Handheld devices

Public use applications

ARAnti-reflectiveIncrease transmittance and reduce reflection
Single side>94%
Double side>98%