The ability to operate our piezo switches using gloved hands makes them very suitable for medical applications, where the users need to work in sterile environments. Additionally, our fully sealed IP69K rated switches can be easily washed down after use.


In the fast-moving world of transport, where equipment needs to operate in high use, high demand environment, you need to be certain that your control switches will be up to the task. You can be secure in the knowledge that our piezo switches have been tested to 50 million actuations, making them ideal for the application.


Reliability and ease of use make our piezo buttons perfect for avionics applications, with our ring illuminated switches providing easily seen visual indication, enabling the user to quickly receive confirmation of the switch operation.


From excavation equipment, to pump and blast control, our piezo switches ensure the long term reliability needed to enable mining equipment to function. We realise that when you are working on mine sites located hundreds of kilometres from your suppliers, you need to know that your machinery will keep on working. With the excellent durability and impact/shock resistance, you can be confident that our switches will never let you down


Suitable for factory, construction, marine, security and safety equipment, our piezo switches are designed to fit and function in the majority of control applications. To find a solution for your project, please contact our staff and we will endeavour to assist

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