Oil & Gas, Petroleum and Chemical Related Industries

Of course, the Oil & Gas, petroleum and chemical industries are incredibly dangerous. As such, it is important to have reliable equipment that can not only withstand a wide variety of extreme environmental conditions, but they must be able to withstand all-manner of substances as well. This is why Setloic Piezo switch technology is so well-suited to such remote, hazardous and unattended applications.

Useful applications:
  • Oil drilling platforms
  • Ore refineries
  • Offshore drilling equipment
  • Petroleum & other chemical tanker transportation trucks
  • Oil pipelines (including pipeline cleaning “pigging” equipment)
  • Tank farms
  • Any other related equipment where durability and reliability are paramount
What are the advantages of using Setolic Piezo technology in the Oil & Gas, Petroleum and Chemical Related Industries?
  • All panel & switch electronics are contained within proprietary compounds
  • All keypads are entirely sealed, with a flat, impervious surface
  • All of Setolic Piezo products meet and exceed UL, Cenelec, ATEX, FM & CUL standards
  • Immune to unintended or accidental activation
  • Vandal-proof
  • Resistant to thermal shock (and any other weather-related conditions)

Explosion-proof (will not be activated in the event of an accident)

oil and gas industry piezo switches and buttons

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