Medical Industry & Scientific Clean Rooms

Setolic Piezo switches and keypads are designed without any nooks where germs and other substances can build up. As such, our keypads can be kept entirely sterile and are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. In addition to that, they’re highly resistant to extreme temperatures and any other environmental factors that might otherwise impede inferior human interface technology. As such, our keypads and switches are perfect for the Medical & Scientific industry where cleanliness & functionality are paramount.

Useful applications:

  • Lab & clean room access controls (easily sterilisable)
  • Medical equipment operations (e.g., MRI scanners)
  • Handling for controlled substance environments
  • HVAC & lighting controls
  • Glove boxes switches (for handling hazardous substances)
  • Security door access in hospitals for both public & private areas

What are the advantages of using Setolic Piezo technology in the Medical & Scientific industries?

  • Keypad surfaces are smooth and tamperproof
  • No plastic covers required
  • Highly durable
  • Resistant to controlled substances
  • Easy installation and highly customisable
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