Underwater Switches

EverSwitch: The Finest & Most Reliable Underwater Switch Technology

When it comes to underwater environments, your equipment must be entirely reliable. There is no room for failure when in such a potentially dangerous environment. As such, you needn’t look any further than Setolic, proud suppliers of EverSwitch underwater switch technology.

When underwater, your machinery, lights, dive computers, and all other equipment must be able to thrive and function. They have a strict set of guidelines and criteria that they must meet, whilst being guaranteed not to malfunction when submerged. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution to your underwater requirements: EverSwitch technology.

The height of technology withstands the greatest depths

What are the main issues that can cause problems to occur with underwater equipment? Water getting into the devices, extreme pressure, and cold temperatures. With EverSwitch, you can relax in the knowledge that these will not pose an issue to you at all. These underwater switches can comfortably withstand depths in excess of 3000 feet and are entirely sealed and watertight. This means that no liquid can breach the device and cause functionality issues, whilst the change in pressure and temperature will not affect it either.

Exceptional build quality, unparalleled functionality

As you will be all-too aware, the deeper underwater you delve, the higher the pressure will become on both you and your equipment. As such, a standard and delicate electronic connection will be easily damaged, whereas an EverSwitch underwater switch will not. These clever switches are built to an exceptional quality and are designed to withstand the most extreme environments. Whether you’re wearing neoprene gloves or not, you should be able to rely on your equipment to function without struggling.

In addition to all of that, as the underwater switches are entirely sealed in either 316 STS, aluminium, or polycarbonate, they will be certain to stand up to any environmental pressures or challenges. With zero moving parts, they’re entirely impervious to water or sand damage as well and can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to +80C.

Underwater switches with countless benefits

Not only are our switches affordable, but they come with an exceptional battery live as well. They’re incredibly ease to clean and maintain and have the longest usability life within excess of 50 million uses. Simply put, you won’t find a more reliable underwater switch anywhere else, and it will surely exceed your expectations.

Multi-functional reliability

Another great benefit of our EverSwitch underwater switch technology is their functionality. As they’re entirely waterproof, the keypad is reliable, boasting a wide variety of different functions to meet your needs. You can quite easily incorporate slide & switch, continuous, programmable functions, toggle, and more!

Common applications for our underwater switches

  • Underwater diving lights
  • Diving computers
  • Waterproof diving cameras
  • Underwater metal detectors
  • Wave energy generating systems (WEGS)
  • Driver propulsion vessels
  • Submersibles
  • Offshore engineering
  • Coast guard pumps
  • Targeting / marking buoys
  • Other oceanographic systems

For more information on our underwater switches

If you’d like to find out more about how our incredible underwater switches function, then please feel free to contact us. Our friendly and experienced experts will be able to talk you through the various functions and how they can be applied to your aquatic equipment.

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