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When it comes to keypad access control systems, particularly where high-security scenarios are concerned, you need to have fail-proof technology in place that can withstand tampering, survive in the harshest conditions, and function without issue with a long life & usability.  At Setolic, we have the perfect long-term solution: EverSwitch access control systems.

Built to last, with seamless functionality

What separates our EverSwitch technology from the rest? Well, for starters, implementing touch metal piezo-electronic technology means that our keypad access control systems are built to last. This makes them perfectly suitable for high-security scenarios, the harshest weather conditions, and even hazardous environments. In addition to that, they’re readily available to be integrated into a wide variety of common access control systems, making them incredibly flexible and extremely functional.

One word that you won’t find in our lexicon is “disposable.” Unlike your standard, mass produced access keypads; our EverSwitch access control keypads are milled from solid blocks of aviation grade aluminium. Simply put, they’re a leap up from the rest, and available at a competitive price as well.

No moving parts means no room for error

When you hear the words “no moving parts”, sometimes a lack of sophistication and functionality springs to mind. Well, you can let those doubts fall from your mind immediately, as EverSwitch piezo-electronic access control pads certainly do not lack in sophistication—quite the contrary in fact. Since they’re entirely sealed, there is no point of entry for any moister, grit, or grime to get through and hinder functionality. All of these keypad control systems are entirely waterproof, to the point that they can be submersed, without losing functionality. Let’s just hope that you’ll never find yourself in a situation where you need to use an access control panel underwater!

Highly customisable with incredible features

Another great benefit of investing in an EverSwitch keypad access control unit through Setolic, is the vast amount of customisation available to you. Certain features include:

  • Logos, colour and graphics
  • Illuminated keys
  • Customer specific output protocols
  • Self-diagnostic reporting
  • Fully integratable with other systems (e.g., RFID readers, speakers, intercoms, buzzers, and cameras)

All of these features can be configured behind one simple front panel, providing the highest degree of tamper & vandal resistance, coupled with a sleek and attractive design.

Suitable EverSwitch keypad access applications:

  • Airports (access control must work at all times, withstanding the harshest weather conditions)
  • Naval vessels (able to withstand submersion, pressure, and moisture)
  • Hospitals & pharma companies (clean, sterile, and fully functional after wash-down)
  • Oil rigs (proven to thrive in desert or arctic conditions, grime & grit proof, easy to maintain)
  • Schools & public housing (vandal & tamper proof, high usage & functionality)
  • Military and government facilities (highly secure, reliable, integratable with perimeter fence access control, tamper & vandal proof, etc)
  • Aviation cockpit access control (Able to withstand severe damage and tampering, even bullet damage, two-part communication, entirely integratable with existing aircraft system)

Want to know more about our EverSwitch ExProof access control & HID reader/keypads?

If you require more information about our access control keypads and piezo-electronic technology, then please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience. Our experts can answer any questions that you might have and offer you the most appropriate long-term solutions to your security system requirements.

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