Submersible Equipment & Waterproof Applications

When it comes to submersible equipment, such as submarines, submerged vehicles, underwater-lights, rebreathers, diving computers & instruments, and all other oceanographic equipment (i.e., buoys), you can’t get any better than Setolic’s Piezo switch technology. Our sealed & robust interfaces have been proven effective for up to 25 years in submerged conditions!

Useful applications:

  • Internal & external equipment on submarines
  • Special electronic diving equipment (propelling devices etc)
  • Underwater control systems for oil & gas industry
  • Spa & luxury jacuzzi control panels
  • Electronic showers & other faucets
  • Most other submersible / waterproofed electronics
What are the advantages of using Setolic Piezo technology in Submersible Equipment & Waterproof Applications?
  • Entire system is completely sealed
  • Interface is milled from solid metal housing
  • All switches & pads can be activated by touch underwater, even with thick neoprene gloves
  • Entirely impervious to water, sand, chemicals or any other potentially damaging substances
  • Can be used & functional up to depths of 300 meters
  • Available in a variety of standard configurations

Performs well beyond all IP69K wash down requirements

waterproof and submersible piezo switches and buttons

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