Metal Push Button Switches

Highly Durable Metal Push Button Switches & Stainless-Steel Pushbutton Technology

We have a wide range of Piezo switch, Piezo pushbutton, metal pushbutton, and stainless-steel pushbutton switches at your disposal. These switches and pushbuttons are made to the highest standard and can withstand some of the harshest and most demanding environments. But what is it about them that separates them from the rest? Why should you invest in metal push button switches?

All switches are milled from solid metal housings, using either aviation grade aluminium or stainless steel (types 303,304 and 316). Using the patented and award winning EverSwitch technology, this means that not only are the Piezo buttons entirely enclosed in a highly durable casing, but they have no moving parts either. This allows them to not only survive in harsh conditions, but to excel.

Metal push button switches with multiple functions & configurations

Don’t be fooled by the “no moving parts” feature of Piezo technology. This does not mean that they lack functionality or sophistication. All that it means, is that there is simply less that can go wrong. You see, whilst a standard electronic switch and pushbutton system might have a multitude of fancy functions, they’re significantly more likely to break in harsh environmental conditions. A stainless-steel pushbutton Piezo switch on the other hand, does both!

The EverSwitch Touch Metal technology is based on stand-alone piezoelectric modules, which can quite easily be arranged in a wealth of different configurations, from individual switches to multi-function switch panels and keypads. Other possible functions include: momentary N.O. or N.Closed, Prolonged, Continuous, Toggle, Latching, Slide, Timer and Data Output. This flexibility makes them highly useful in a wide range of applications, particularly in harsher environments.

Prime functions for our EverSwitch metal push button & Piezo switches:

When we talk about these switches being hyper-ruggedised and suitable for harsh environments, we really mean it. These are just a few examples of the applications that our switches can thrive and survive in, for years without issue:

  • High-security or vandal-prone applications (ATM machines etc)
  • Critical infrastructure controls (Where failproof functionality is required)
  • Submerged in oceanographic equipment, as well as shipboard (Impervious to high-pressure, extreme temperatures, and excessive moisture)
  • Exceeds hazardous area requirements, such as petro-chemical refineries (Where lesser technology would fail)
  • Pharmaceutical, clean room and food processing systems (For the pinnacle of hygiene)

What do all of those applications have in common? The necessity to have strong, reliable and multi-functional equipment that can stand the test of time, whilst being cleaned and maintained with ease. Our advanced piezoelectric touch metal technology not only meets that criteria but surpasses it.

Additional benefits of our metal push button switch & stainless-steel pushbutton technology

  • No moving parts resulting in lifecycle rating of 50 million activations
  • Requiring no external power for switch operation
  • EverSwitch offers a wide range of switches and keypads that meet or exceed CE, UL, IP69K, NEMA, MIL-STD, ATEX, ETL and FAA requirements
  • Made from solid metal & stainless steel of the highest quality
  • Non-illuminated, Point Illuminated or Ring Illumination with RGB LEDs of 5,12 or 24V
  • 16, 19, 22 and 30mm thru holes are standard (though any size is possible)
  • Choose from 0-24V and 0.2A standard, 277V and 30A configurations
  • Operating temperature range of -40 to +125C

For more information on our piezoelectric touch metal switches

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