Aircraft Switches

High-quality aircraft switches, aviation keypads, and cockpit access control systems

At Setolic, you can always count on us to provide the most reliable piezo-technology for a wide-variety of demanding applications. Take the aviation industry as an example: we’re pushing the technological boundaries by supplying the aviation industry with the highest quality touch metal switches & keypads, driving performance and maintaining functionality.

What makes our EverSwitch products perfect for the aviation industry?

When looking for aircraft switches & aviation keypads, what is the main thing that one would look for? Above all else, reliability. There’s no good operating an aircraft with a cockpit access control system that has the potential to fail on you. No, that is simply not acceptable. This is why we’re so proud to provide our valued clients with nothing but the finest and most reliable technology. Here are just some of the features that you can expect:

  • Guaranteed for to 50 million activations
  • Entirely sealed off
  • No moving parts
  • Energy efficient (low voltage)
  • Self-diagnostic
  • Self-learning
  • Lightweight
  • Completely tamperproof
  • Easily & readily customisable
  • Entirely waterproof (including hydraulic & de-icing fluids)
  • Chip operated
  • Field programmable
  • Easy functionality
  • Multiple switch functions available
  • Illuminated keypads
  • Available in a variety of materials & finishes

How can I be certain of the products reliability?

First of all, it’s important to recognise two of the main causes for switch failure: moving parts wearing over time, and environmental factors affecting functionality. Now, the fact that there are no moving parts in our EverSwitch products, and that they’re entirely sealed/milled from solid aviation grade Aluminum—it automatically removes those possibilities. That is precisely why you can rely on Setolic to provide the finest and most reliable aviation switches & aircraft keypad products on the market.

Fully flexible technology

Our EverSwitch aviation keypads and cockpit access systems come with a wide variety of outputs, including CAN, RS-485, ASCII, U-ART. In addition to that, the technology is open ended and will accommodate any changes in the aircraft switches operating systems over its life cycle. So, not only will the technology last unhindered for over 50-million activations, but it can be updated regularly to accommodate future aviation upgrades.

Common aviation usages for our aircraft switches and aviation keypads

  • Cockpit access control system: Naturally, it is paramount that a cockpit access control system is entirely impenetrable by vandals and potential hi-jackers. Fortunately, our products can survive extreme blows, and even gunshots.
  • Aircraft toilets: A common cause for toilet closures is the flush failing due to a moving part breaking over time. When using piezo technology, you can expect a significantly superior lifecycle, with improved functionality and cleanliness.
  • Luggage systems: Luggage systems in an aircraft will be constantly subjected to some of the most extreme conditions. Such conditions include high levels of moisture, freezing temperatures, excessive vibrations, and more. As such, it is important to have aviation keypads and aircraft control systems that can withstand these conditions and maintain functionality (no moving parts, temperature & moisture resistance, ruggedised housing).
  • Window tinting controls: Controls that can be operated by both crew and passengers, i.e., the side switch control for window dimming and tinting. These much be tamperproof with a long life.
  • IFE (In-flight entertainment): If you fly often enough, you’ll find yourself sat with a faulty IFE at some point or another. This is generally due to wear over time from being tampered with by heavy-handed children. Fortunately, our EverSwitch piezo technology eliminates any issues with tampering and system failure.

For more information on our aircraft switches, aviation keypads, and cockpit access control systems

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