Waterproof Switches

Convenient & Durable Waterproof Switches, Push Buttons, & Keypads For A Variety Of Applications

When working in wet or high-pressure conditions, it is paramount that you have functional and durable equipment that you can rely on. For example, when diving at great depths, one must be able to feel entirely safe in the equipment that one is using—there simply cannot be any room for error. As such, it is vital that you invest in the most sophisticated underwater technology.

Setolic are proud suppliers of EVERSWITCH products. These waterproof and underwater switches are designed and constructed with no moving parts. This means that there’s no soldering, and that all are entirely sealed with highly durable materials, fused in a special manufacturing process, making them impervious to leaking & water damage.

These EverSwitch products are perfect for underwater and other wet applications, such as outdoor emergency switches, underwater pumps, diving equipment, and more. They’re also found in submersible equipment, and anything that requires up to & in excess of IP-68 & 69.

Another huge selling point is the fact that they’re able to be used when fully submersed! The patented piezo-electronic technology exceeds submersion requirements and are not affected at all, by changes in atmospheric pressure during the descent and ascent process. This is to prevent accidental activations and the deformation of the device itself. Therefore, if you’re working in an underwater environment, you’ll never find a waterproof solution quite as reliable as our EverSwitch keypads & switches.

 Fully functional, sealed waterproof switches & underwater keypads

All of the EverSwitch products available are milled from solid metal housings and are entirely sealed off, using a potting compound that has been proven to last with full effectiveness for in excess of 25 years in all environmental conditions.

These switches & keypads maintain their functionality, operating in temperatures of between -40 + 125C. Since they’re fully sealed, they cannot be penetrated by sand or dirt that would otherwise hinder traditional switches & keypads’ performance. They’re also fully functional when interacted with using heavy-duty diving gloves, or a stylus, for further convenience.

Other available features are an illuminated keypad, so that the user can see what they are doing in the dark & gloomy underwater conditions. These switches are also available in aluminium, STS Type 316, or polycarbonate casing, depending on the environmental conditions that they will be applied to.

Waterproof & underwater switches with multiple functions

Our waterproof & underwater switches provide a multitude of functionality that exceeds a standard momentary switch closure. Such functions include prolonged, toggle, programmable, slide switch, & continuous, to name a few. Additionally, these keypads & switches can be set to convey a variety of commands. In other words, a short press for one function, whilst a longer press provides an alternative response.

Common applications for our waterproof switches & underwater keypads

  • Underwater diving lights
  • Diving computers
  • Waterproof diving cameras
  • Underwater metal detectors
  • Wave energy generating systems (WEGS)
  • Driver propulsion vessels
  • Submersibles
  • Offshore engineering
  • Coast guard pumps
  • Targeting / marking buoys
  • Other oceanographic systems

For more information on our underwater switches & waterproof push buttons

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