Aviation & Airport Applications

When it comes to the aviation industry, applying Setolic’s Piezo switch technology ensures the ultimate combination of robust functionality, and unparalleled durability. Our advanced keypad and switch interfaces are designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, the most extreme changes in atmospheric pressure, constant vibration (regular turbulence), and any other unforeseen changes in circumstance which might otherwise impede the functionality of lesser technology. If you are in the aviation & airport industry, then let Setolic be your first choice for any switch & keypad related applications.

Useful applications:
  • All cockpit access panels
  • Emergency intercom and pushbuttons in aircraft and airports
  • Return to seat / strap in / no smoking indicators
  • All ground support equipment in control towers
  • Lavatory switches
  • Locked door indicators
  • Any other aviation related technology
What are the advantages of using Setolic Piezo technology in the Aviation industry?
  • No moving parts whatsoever (entirely contained)
  • Zero maintenance is required
  • No nooks where germs and dirt can enter and cause damage over time
  • Entirely vandal-proof
  • Impervious to aggressive cleaning materials
  • Special customisation options

Designed to last a lifetime

avaiation industry and aircraft piezo buttons and piezo switches
avaiation industry piezo buttons and piezo switches

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