Dairy Farming & Other Livestock Equipment

Setolic Piezo switch touch metal technology combines the perfect blend of strength and reliability. This is why they’re so perfect for implementing into dairy, farming, and other livestock equipment where animals are involved. Naturally, operating in such an environment can be incredibly challenging for electronics. However, the beauty in our highly durable Piezo technology means that the human interface can function unimpeded by environmental, weather and other physical factors.

Useful applications:

  • Keypad user interface for the selector controls
  • Detacher switches for Dairy’s
  • Any other operational equipment in the farming industry

What are the advantages of using Setolic Piezo technology in the Dairy & farming industries?

  • Easy to operate with or without gloves hands
  • Highly reliable in even the most extreme temperature conditions
  • Illuminated at night, non-illuminated in natural daylight
  • Can be retrofitted to integrate with existing OEM equipment systems

Performs well beyond all IP69K wash down requirements

piezo switches for dairy farming

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